Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 17th of November 2010

Lot No Description Est Image
201 A military style brass cased prismatic compass 15-25
202 A 1930's Art Deco white marble ashtray decorated 2 painted metal figures of Terriers 20-30
203 A horn shaped metal maggot shoot 6" 30-50
204 A Elite Intrepid multiplying fishing reel, boxed 20-30
205 A rectangular black painted metal salmon fly box marked J Forrest Thomas Street, Oxford Street London 90-120
206 An Orlando Minor fishing reel boxed 15-25
207 An Australian Alvey 6 1/2" Bakelite and chromium plated centre pin fishing reel 15-25
208 An Intrepid centre pin fishing reel 3 1/2", an Oriental centre pin fishing reel and 2 others (f) 20-30
209 A Sealake 930 fishing reel, an Oriental aluminium fishing reel the body engraved figures fishing, a centre pin fishing reel and 1 other 15-25
210 A centre pin fishing reel and 4 multiplying reels 15-25
211 A Corgi Chipperfield Circus Scammel Highwayman trailer and caravan no.7885 together with a ditto Foden closed pole truck with caravan no. 9788, boxed 25-35
212 A Corgi Chipperfield Circus Scammel Highwayman with 2 caravans no. 97915 together with an AEC cage truck and trailer no. 97889, boxed 25-35
213 A Corgi Chipperfield Bedford O articulated truck no.9303 and a ditto ERF 8 wheeled rigid truck no. 957, boxed 20-30
214 A Corgi Chipperfield AEC Regal living quarters no.97022 and a Bedford pantechnicon Billy Smee wardrobe no.97092, boxed 20-30
215 A Corgi Chipperfield advertising booking vehicle no.96905, a Scammel Highwayman with crane no.97886 and an AEC pole truck no.97896, boxed 25-35
216 5 various Corgi model buses 20-30
217 A Corgi Comic Popeye paddle wagon 20-30
218 A Corgi Comic Basil Brush car, a do. Noddy car and a do. Magic Roundabout tricycle with Dillon and Zebedee 20-30
219 A Corgi James Bond gold painted Aston Martin DB5 containing 2 figures and 3 other figures 15-25
220 A Matchbox Seaburst Super 70 model of a speed boat, a Dinky Toys model of a mini and other model cars 10-20
221 A Triang tin plate clock work tractor no.2 20-30
222 A Corgi Toy Beast Carrier etc 5-10
223 A Lone Star "N Gauge" double headed diesel locomotive, 4 other similar locomotives, 4 carriages, a collection of rolling stock, rails etc 20-30
224 A clockwork pressed metal model of a tank marked GMA Tank (f), a Chad Valley tin plate clock work, remote controlled car (f) and a Japanese tin plate TM battery operated locomotive 15-25
225 A battery operated tin plate model of a vintage car, tin plate model boat and a collection of other tin plate items 15-25