Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 27th of November 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
626 A Victorian oil on canvas, study of harbour scene with paddle steamer and fishing boats, 12" x 15" 100-150
627 19th Century watercolour, Grand Canal scene Venice, 6" x 9" 30-50
628 A 19th Century oil painting on panel, study of a Continental interior scene with a seated gentleman 11" x 9" 150-250
629 Georgina M de L'Aubiniere, exh.1880-1905, an early 20th Century watercolour on paper study of formal gardens, signed 9.5"h x 13.75"w 200-250
630 Ray Evans RI, FSAI, 20th Century British School, watercolour on paper "The Custodian Tarquinia", an architectural study with figure in foreground, signed, 10.25"h x 8"w 30-50
631 J F Webb, oil on canvas, maritime scene, study of ships before a town 18" x 17" 150-250
632 G Herne Russell, watercolour drawing, study of grazing sheep with town and sea in distance 9" x 16" 250-350
633 An early 19th Century engraving "The Seat of Pendock at Westram", late coloured 13"h x 16"w 30-50
635 Sidney Pike, fl.1880-1901, an early 20th Century British School, watercolour on paper, study of Romney Marsh sheep grazing with shepherds in foreground, signed and dated 1915, 10"h x 13.75"w 200-250
636 Roland Langmaid, etching of a beached 19th Century Man of War, signed in pencil, 9.5" x 12" 200-300
638 Marjory Cox, British 1915-2003, "Barney" a pastel and chalk portrait of a dog, signed and dated 1966, feigned to oval 15"h x 11"w 100-150
639 A pair of 1930's coloured prints, studies of ladies in mountainous landscapes, contained in fancy carved wood frames 40" x 19" 30-50
640 Richard Harwood Kitchin 1963, oil painting, study of a Mexican landscape, signed and dated 15" x 19" 100-150
641 H S H, 1885, oil paintings a pair, Continental town scapes with figures, monogrammed and dated 13" x 8 1/2" 50-100
642 F A Smith, 20th Century British School, oil on canvas, study of a mounted huntsman upon a white stallion, signed, 7.75"h x 9.75"w 40-60
643 David Shepherd, a coloured print, study of a gazelle, signed in pencil 8" x 6" and 1 other study of buffalo 6" x 9" 40-80
644 Peter Newcombe, impressionist oil on canvas "Sunset Near Wappenham" 9" x 11" 50-75
645 John Brosens, early 20th Century School, oil on canvas, a study of sailing barges in high seas, signed and dated 1927 15.5" x 21"w 30-50
646 Frederick Dove Olgivie, watercolour, study of a country house with children in the garden 13" x 18.5" 60-100
647 Van Gaard, abstract oils on board, monogrammed to bottom right hand corner 11" x 19" 30-50
648 A 19th Century oil painting, study of a seated lady wearing a lace shawl 29 1/2" x 24 1/2" 100-200
649 Arthur Suker, watercolour drawing, seascape study with seagulls and cliffs in distance 15" x 24" 30-50
650 John Beer, op.1895-1915, 20th Century School, watercolour on paper, "The Fence After Valentines Champions, Fith Chase", study of a horse race with fallen horses in foreground, bears names of horses to bottom margin, 10"h x 14"w 200-300
651 After George R Woolway, ARCA, British 1879-1961, 20th Century British School, red chalk on artists paper, 3 studies of female nudes, unsigned, 22"h x 29"h 150-250
652 F Hill, 20th Century School, watercolour on paper "Stokesay Castle", an abstract landscape, signed and dated '78, 14.5"h x 21"w 100-150