Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 5th of November 2014

Lot No Description Est Image
198 A pair of brass pan scales raised on a brass spiral column with marble stepped base complete with weights 20-30
237 An Edwardian American patented fence post bore hole digger, marked Standard Pattern Auger Co. Chicago 30-50
254 A 20th Century hour glass 9" 50-75
258 H Adams & Sons of Dartmouth, a gimbled ships compass 6 1/2" 20-30
302 A Spear & Jackson tenon saw, W Marples & Sons a mahogany and brass spirit level 12" and 2 other spirit levels and a plumbers turned lignum vitae reamer 7 1/2" 15-20
307 E Preston & Sons Birmingham, a mahogany brass spirit level 14", 1 other spirit level 10", a mortice gauge and a collection of various chisels 20-30
318 A miniature ivory dice contained in a leather case together with a collection of various pen knives etc 20-30
414 A 19th Century 40 bladed steel jack knife with bodkin, gimble, pair of tweezers, corkscrew and hook, button hook and 2 blades, 1 marked Fulletby 44 Bord 40-60
425 A C Harris of Leicester, a Victorian patented rubbish picker up 20-40
434 Horsham Pentacycle, a collection of some of the original tools used to build the pentacycle 60-90
487 A Gesetzl Geschützt pencil sharpener, 3 propelling pencils and a miniature brass chamberstick 1" 20-30