Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

Lot No Description Est Image
891 An Admiral Fitzroy barometer with replacement thermometer 120-160
892 Seth Thomas, an American striking wall clock with square painted dial contained in a mahogany case 30-50
893 An Elliott Georgian style bracket clock with gilt dial and silvered chapter ring contained in a walnut case, the dial marked The Alexander Clark & Co. Ltd 40-60
894 R & J Beck Ltd. London, a brass single pillar students microscope marked 29485 30-50
895 A Georgian 8 day striking longcase clock, the 12" arched painted dial with moon phase dials, high water at the new passage, Roman numerals, floral spandrels and subsidiary second dial, marked J G Griffiths Monmouth, contained in an inlaid oak and mahogany case 90" 200-400
896 An Edwardian aneroid barometer and thermometer with silvered dial contained in an inlaid wheel mahogany case 30-60
897 A pair of Class B Oertling laboratory scales contained in a mahogany case 30-50
898 A 19th Century striking Vineyard clock with marble effect dial contained in a shaped ebonised and mother of pearl case 24" x 18" 200-300
899 Nicole Freres, a 19th Century German table top musical box playing 6 aires, the interior with original label marked no. 358 and retailed by T Cox Savor & Co Exporters 47 and 54 Cornhill London, contained in an inlaid rosewood case. The movement marked Nicole Freres A Geneva, numbered 30161 18"w x 5" h x 6 1/2" d 200-300
900 A pair of Class B brass bank scales marked To weigh 100 ounces - Troy 30-50
901 An Edwardian aneroid barometer with paper dial contained in a circular gilt metal case 4 1/2" 30-50
902 A no.2A boxed Brownie camera, a Tarot Austose camera, a West German Boots Beirette B.L. camera, a Brownie twin 20 camera and other cameras 30-50
903 G Baker 244 HIgh Holborn London, a binocular microscope with 4 eye pieces, 4 lenses 2", 1", 3/1 and 1/6 and magnifying stand, numbered 6038 150-200
904 A 19th Century German regulator with 8" enamelled dial and Roman numerals contained in a mahogany case, the pendulum marker marked Berlin. 70-100
905 Hamburg American Clock Company, a 14 day striking bracket clock with gilt dial and silvered chapter ring, contained in a carved walnut case 40-60
906 A Victorian 8 day striking mantel clock with visible escapement and porcelain dial contained in a black marble case, the dial marked H Y Marc Paris 60-80
907 A Georgian wheel barometer with silvered dial inscribed J Corbella, 11 Brook Street, Holborn, contained in a mahogany case 46" 150-200
908 A Victorian French 8 day timepiece contained in a black 2 colour marble architectural case with porcelain dial and Arabic numerals 30-50
909 A German 400 day clock 40-60
910 A German timepiece with paper dial contained in a gilt metal case supported by 2 cherubs 70-100
911 A Smiths Sectric electric wall clock with 17" dial contained in a metal case 50-75
912 An 8 day striking drop dial wall clock with 11 1/2" painted dial and Roman numerals contained in a mahogany case 40-60
913 A French striking wall clock with 5" arched dial marked FIS Dupon A. St Denis 30-50
914 A pair of Voigtlander Braunschweig 6 x 25 field glasses no.15111 contained in a leather carrying case 40-60
917 A Ucla miniature camera complete with instructions together with a Toyoca miniature camera 40-60