Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

Lot No Description Est Image
377 2 O gauge level crossings, ditto turn table and a quantity of various rails 20-30
378 A collection of various painted lead soldiers, British Infantry 30-50
379 A collection of Britains toy soldiers including Hussars and various lead figures of rifleman 30-50
380 A collection of lead soldiers 24-34
381 12 Timpo British Army figures type no.7, boxed 20-40
383 A yellow teddybear with articulated limbs 3 1/2", ditto brown cat 3" and a small porcelain doll with articulated limbs all contained in a wicker basket 40-60
384 A yellow Merrythought teddybear with articulated limbs 11", a white Russ Timeless teddybear 12", a Harrods Merrythought teddybear 11" and a brown bear 7", all contained in a wicker basket 30-50
386 Armand Marseille, a porcelain headed doll with sleep eyes, open mouth, head incised AM Germany 1351/81 30-50
388 A Steiff yellow teddybear with articulated limbs 11", a Sultt Stuf bear Cholmondeley no.7 10", 1 other ditto 9" and a limited edition Traditional Craft Company bear Schklet no.12/25 40-60
389 A Maria Adams Carriage Bear Co. Bear - Joshua 12", a Merrythought Bear with articulated limbs 12", a Bear With Us bear 14" and 1 other 9 1/2" 30-40
390 A 1950's Merrythought figure of a standing elephant 20"h 50-80
391 A brown mohair teddybear with articulated limbs and squeaker (f) 16" 30-60
392 A "Farnell" seated figure of a dog with harness 12" 30-60
393 A childs wooden toy cot with drop down sides 17"h x 24"w x 12 1/2"d 30-60
443 A dappled grey rocking horse with real hair mane and tail on a wooden frame base 50"h x 53"l x 18"d 300-500