Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Lot No Description Est Image
183 A Japanese Meiji period gilt metal stamp case with hinged lid 1 1/2" x 1" 30-50
185 Roy Adzak 1927-1987, a rectangular orange resin ashtray in the impression of an orange 1" x 5" x 4" 40-60
247 A pair of Regency circular wine bottle coasters with gilt decoration 2"h x 5" d 50-80
263 Curtis Jere, Jerry Fels (1919-2007) & Curtis Freiler (1910-2013) Wall sculpture "Autumn Oak Leaves" in copper and brass 49" x 26" 500-800
264 A pair of Victorian pierced gilt metal bookends decorated peacocks 4"h x 4"w together with a Meteorlog 40-60
268 A 19th Century rosewood domed pencil box 3"h x 10" w x 4"d, a section of transatlantic cable marked W Thenley 3", a pair of brass candle snuffers, a pair of horn knife rests etc 30-50
273 An elm and iron seven spoked wheel 64"d possibly part of a way wiser 40-60
288 A Wheatley metal fly box and contents, 6 other metal fly boxes and contents, plastic fly boxes etc 30-50
297 Of Railway Interest, an iron 20 MPH speed sign 73"h x 21"w 40-60
302 Two Royal Naval metal ships plaques for Cossack and HMS Renown together with a painted ships plaque HMS Collingwood and plaster ships plaques Cherryleaf, SIr Tristan and Sir Geraint 40-60
303 A brass seamed megaphone 18"h x 7"d 40-60
309 A brass ships bell, inscribed 8"h x 8"d together with one other marked W.H.G.J1.9.87 with brass wall mounting 5"h x 7"d 40-60
312 A Victorian Adams style fireside companion set comprising poker, shovel and tongs with urn finials 60-90
314 Three large conch shells, a giant clam shell, 2 large oyster shells and 1 other 50-80
318 A small section of timber from the Mary Rose contained in a paperweight together with various sections of the Berlin wall and a metal leaf removed from the Boe tree at the Temple of Candy 40-60
321 JNF, a German clockwork tin plate Jindicator car, a Minic clockwork Carter Patterson delivery van, a ditto open van, 2 Minic clockwork model cars,a clockwork racing car and 2 others 40-60
322 A Minic tinplate clockwork model car 2", Triang clockwork vehicles and a small collection of model cars contained in a 19th Century mahogany box with hinged lid 30-50
328 Sasa, a polished brass wall sculpture "Lily Pads" 64"h x 32"w signed 300-500
330 B Garrett, "Forest Floor" a verdigris wall metal sculpture of leaves 51"h x 10"h signed 200-300
331 Curtis Jere, signed 1983, "Cranes in Flight" metal wall sculpture 37"h x 30"w 200-300
332 Curtis Jere, gilt and verdigris metal wall sculpture "Maple Spring" signed, 35"h x 24" 300-500
333 Curtis Jere, "Autumn Leaves" a copper and brass wall sculpture 300-500
334 Curtis Jere, signed and dated '92 "Windswept" a metal wall sculpture of bamboo leaves swaying in the wind 42"h x17"w 300-500
335 Curtis Jere, "Quayside" a metal wall sculpture of quay, yachts and birds 20" x 50" 200-300
336 A 1960's Chaty Vallauris Sunburst Mirror, circa 1960, 33" 100-200