Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Lot No Description Est Image
181 A pierced brass fender 6"h x 47"w x 11"d 40-60
182 A stuffed and mounted wild boar's mask 150-200
183 A Japanese Meiji period gilt metal stamp case with hinged lid 1 1/2" x 1" 30-50
184 A rectangular bronze plaque to commemorate the Paris Bi-millennium decorated historical figures, the reverse marked Bi-Millenaire Paris a Russell M Potter 1958 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" contained in a plush finished frame 40-60
185 Roy Adzak 1927-1987, a rectangular orange resin ashtray in the impression of an orange 1" x 5" x 4" 40-60
186 An Austrian cold painted bronze nib cleaner in the form of a walking brown bear impressed Geschutzt 5 1/2" 100-150
187 A Hardy 1920's cardboard box containing a vintage swallow tail lure 30-50
188 A black Japanned salmon fly box with plaque patent, together with 2 leather fly wallets 30-50
189 An Allcock 16 compartment dry fly box with sprung hinged window, containing a good selection of fishing flies 30-50
190 A brass and ebonite fishing reel 20-30
191 A rare Hardy Hardex no.2 Mk2 salmon size threadline spinning fishing reel 30-50
192 An Allcock Big Game Tope fishing reel with brake lever together with various fishing floats 30-50
193 A late 1950's Allcock angling guide together with an Angling Services Ltd guide, 1 volume "The Story of Silkworm Cut" and 1 volume "Angling for Game Fish" 24-44
194 A Farlow salmon spinning fishing rod 10'6" contained in original fabric case 30-50
195 A stuffed and mounted Cobe De Buffon (from the antelope family) 120-180
196 A Hardy Bros black japanned section window fly box, 8" x 5" x 3 1/2", an A Carter & Co Ltd centre pin fishing reel marked A Carter, 11 South Mults 1 3" diameter, a tortoiseshell effect line case 4" 30-50
197 A Hardy Palakona 3 section fly rod with 1 spare tip (f), marked 246936, complete with fabric case 40-60
198 A Kukri with 12 1/2" blade, buffalo horn grip and silver mounts together with one other with 13 1/2" blade and wooden grip 40-60
199 A German mid 20th Century Solinger hunting knife, the 4 1/2" blade marked C.Jul.Herbertz with stag horn grip contained in a leather scabbard 40-60
200 A Norwegian skinning knife, the 6 1/4" steel blade marked Helle, with curley birch grip complete with leather scabbard 50-80
201 A 19th Century jack knife, stamped John Petty & Sons Sheffield with stag horn grip, narrow square kick, main blade with trademark and tin opener 40-60
202 A 19th Century Indian dagger with 5 1/2" curved blade, brass and polished horn grip complete with leather scabbard 80-120
203 An early 19th Century twin bladed pen knife, stamped J & J Oates, Cornhill, with stag horn grip, narrow square kick, hawkbill blade and a traditional quill with white metal mounts 40-60
204 A 1937 George VI coronation souvenir pen knife, 2 blades stamped Wraggs Arundel St, Sheffield with white metal handle together with 4 other Royal souvenir knives 40-60
205 A ships souvenir pen knife, Epress of France 1919-1931 with 2 blades stamped Erms Solingen 40-60