Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 4th of November 2021

Lot No Description Est Image
501 A Victorian dessert service with gilt and dark blue rims enclosing views comprising eight plates "Carrick Fergus Castle", monogrammed FM, the bargle signed R J Keeling, "Bothwell Castle" signed R J Keeling, "Holy Cross Abbey" signed R J Keeling, "Linlithgoe" signed R J Keeling, "All Saints, Hastings from Eastcliff" signed R J Keeling, "Holy Cross Abbey" monogrammed FM, "Castle of Chilla" signed R J Keeling, two small tazzas "Stirling Castle" signed R J Keeling, "Bridge of Dean" signed R J Keeling and a larger tazza "Lough Ina" signed R J Keeling, all 22cm diam 300-400
502 Two Copeland china decorative plates with exotic birds and insects enclosed by floral borders, retailed by T Goode & Sons, 22cm diam 40-60
503 A pair of Coalport decorative plates, the blue and gilt rims enclosing views of "Lagra Charta, Ireland" signed C O Bull, another "Mount Vernon, Perthshire" 23cm diam 40-60
504 A pair of crescent china plates decorated with panels of fruit on a blue and gilt ground, indistinctly signed, 21cm 40-60
505 A 20th Century Dresden desk set comprising tray 24cm, pair of candlesticks 16cm and two ink pots 5cm, with blue and gilt ground with fete gallant scenes 60-90
506 A 1937 Edward VIII Coronation trumpet glass with coin stem, engraved 23cm 80-120
507 A pair of Continental 19th Century porcelain figures of a lady and gentleman at a gate, raised on Rococo bases 22cm 30-50
508 A Royal Doulton figure group - Flower Sellers Children HN1342 19cm 35-45
509 A Beswick Woodpecker, number 1218, standing on a stump 22cm 30-40
510 A pair of Georgian clear glass cordials with engraved floral decoration, 14cm 40-60
511 A 19th Century Italian glass with gilt scroll decoration and a panel painted a gentleman, raised on a dolphin stem, 18cm together with a coloured goblet, 17cm 50-75
512 A Hummel figure "Little Pharmacist" no 322, 14cm, together with a Hummel figure of a boy and girl carrying a basket, no 94/1, 13cm 20-30
513 A grey smokey glass liqueur decanter with circular stopper and six tapered tots 50-75
514 A Victorian Staffordshire model of a house with applied flowers, 12cm, another of a Country house with circular chimney, 13cm, another of a twin towered house, 13cm 25-35
515 A set of eight Herend plates decorated with basket weave moulding and painted flowers, 25cm diam 80-120
516 A Victorian Staffordshire Cottage with detachable lid and applied flowers, 10cm h, a two turreted castle, 10cm, another 12cm and another 13cm 30-40
517 A 19th Century Derby campagna urn with serpent handles, the blue and gilt ground with panel of Spring flowers 20cm together with an en-suite smaller pair 16cm 50-80
518 A set of six Murano, wine glasses with gilt stems, 21cm h, nine smaller ditto, 20cm h, and another, 20cm h 50-75
519 A Victorian Staffordshire pastel burner in the form of a house with applied flowers, 11cm h, a ditto of a castle, 12cm h, a cottage, 11cm h and a smaller cottage, 8cm h 30-40
520 A set of four Beswick duck wall plaques, no.s 596/1, 596/2, 596/3 and 596/4 80-120
521 A Victorian Staffordshire pastel burner in the form of a castle with applied flowers, 11cm h, a ditto with detachable top, 14cm h, another of a cottage, 11cm h, and another of a house, 13cm h 30-50
522 A set of Spode dessert plates with blue and gilt rims enclosing views of Rochester Castle, Dover Castle, Carisbrooke Castle, Ludlow Castle, Kenilworth Castle and Glamis Castle, all signed by J Cross, 23cm diam 200-250
523 A set of 6 Royal Crown Derby Imari handled knives and forks, cased 40-60
524 A cut glass jug with hobnail cut decoration, 24cm h, a ditto bowl, 16cm h 30-40
525 A set of nine Spode square dessert plates, the green ground enclosing a panel of exotic birds, 20.5cm diam 30-50