Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

Lot No Description Est Image
268 A wooden model of a 3 masted galleon 29" 20-30
285 A wooden model of a Sussex harvest cart 19" and a Sussex dung cart 12" 30-50
300 An Antique wooden model of a stage coach drawn by 4 horses ILLUSTRATED 120-180
468 A Hornby Dublo model of a British Railways diesel double headed locomotive 20-30
469 A Hornby Dublo model tank engine of 2217 boxed, the box with Clyde Model Dockyard stamp 20-30
470 A Hornby Dublo electric train set, boxed 20-30
471 A Hornby Dublo TPO mail van, do. 4062 Corridor coach, do. 4305 passenger fruit van, do. 4680 tank wagon, do. 4615 Bolster wagon with timber load, 2 coloured light signals, a collection of figures 20-30
472 A Hornby train set etc 10-20
473 A Hornby R556 high speed train set, boxed 20-30
477 A Hornby Dublo 2 rail electric train set, a 2035 Pullman train, boxed 30-50
478 A tin plate Japanese model of a diesel locomotive 10-20
479 A Hornby railway building R278 The Bell Inn together with a small collection of other Hornby railway buildings 20-30
480 A collection of various Hornby rails, platform etc 5-10
487 A Hornby O gauge guide Grue de Quai together with a Revell model racing car and a collection of various dolls house furniture 10-20
507 A model of a traction engine and a model locomotive 10-20
520 A 19th Century working model of a steam saw bench awarded Gold Medal at the 1851 Great Exhibition Hyde Park contained in a glazed display case with plaque 14" ILLUSTRATED 1000-1500