Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A set of 4 Thuringia porcelain figures of frog musicians comprising a base drummer, a flutist, a timpani drummer and violinist, raised on circular bases, impressed and printed marks 100-150
6 A Lladro group of a child with dog and 3 puppies no.1535 17cm 30-40
7 A Lladro figure of a Japanese lady dancer holding fans 30cm 40-50
8 A Lladro figure of a veterinary surgeon holding a dog by the sculptor Salvatore Furio 33cm 60-80
9 A Lladro figure of a obstetrician by the sculptor Salvatore Furio 36cm 60-80
10 A Lladro figure of a standing angel 21cm 30-40
11 A pair of late 19th Century German figures of a shepherd and shepherdess, the shepherd beside a tree trunk, the shepherdess holding a bird cage on her shoulder 19cm 30-40
16 Four Royal Doulton figures - Dinky Do HN1678 12cm, Babie HN1679 10cm, Invitation HN2170 14cm and Autumn Breezes HN1911 18cm 30-40
17 Two Royal Doulton figures - Good Catch HN2258 18cm and a Stitch in Time HN2352 17cm 30-40
18 Three Royal Doulton figures - The Lobster Man HN2317 18cm, Owd Willum HN2042 17cm and Shore Leave HN2254 19cm 30-40
19 Two Royal Doulton figures - The Mask Seller HN2103 23cm and the Pied Piper HN2102 24cm 30-40
34 A Lladro figure of a lady holding aloft her dress 30cm, a Nao ditto 34cm 40-50
35 Four Royal Doulton figures - Julia HN2705 19cm, Spring Morning HN1922 19cm, Pretty Ladies Autumn HN5323 20cm and Grace HN2318 19cm 30-50
36 A Coalport figure - The Flower Seller from the Cries of London Collection number 1450/9500 22cm and a Royal Worcester figure Arabella no.42/10,000 23cm 26-36
37 A Goebel figure of a lady 1628521 22cm, a Coalport figure - Ladies of Fashion Ashley 20cm and a Renaissance figure Denise 20cm 30-40
42 A set of 6 Coalport figures, House of Hanover Empire style 1804-1814, House of York 1461-1485, House of Stuart 1603-1714, House of Hanover Victorian style 1937-1901, House of Tudor 1485-1603 and House of Plantagenet 1154-1399, all 25cm 40-60
45 A Continental porcelain figure group of a King Fisher 12cm and 5 others 30-40
47 A Continental figure of a Parakeet 14cm and 5 other bird figures 30-50
48 An Art Deco plaster figure of a female water skier 38cm 40-60
66 A ceramic group of 2 figures sitting on a bench with a dog at their feet 15cm, minor decorative china 30-40
69 A Russian ceramic bell with a cat handle 9cm, 2 others, a whistle and 2 figures 30-40
71 A Russian ceramic whistle in the form of a dog, 5 other ceramics figures 30-40
83 A Royal Doulton figure River Hog H 2663, 14cm 30-50
89 A Lladro group of a boy sailor and girl on a log seesaw 24cm 50-75
90 A Nao figure of a lady sitting on a tree trunk beneath a bird 32cm and a ditto figure of a girl with a dog in a basket 40-60