Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
151 A carved wooden Maori Kotiate short hand club, "liver cutter" measuring 35 cm long x 13cm wide. The reke (butt) of the handle a carved tiki with inset paua (abalone) eyes. At the base of the carved tiki a hole with possible original harakeke (flax) string. The body of the club is carved in the rauponga pattern making the origin likely to be the Waipu Valley on the North East Coast of New Zealand. The pattern consists in each quarter a row of dog-tooth notches (pakati) on each side of which are parallel grooves (haehae) and ridges (raumoa). The club body is inset 3 paua (abalone) shells. The club is identically carved each side and inset a total of eight shells. 500-800
153 An Elizabeth II black leather Civil Service issue briefcase, interior marked Telegraphs PI 29cm x 41cm x 10cm 20-30
155 An Eastern embossed brass charger decorated a chariot scene and signs of the zodiac surrounded by 28 oval panels decorated figures and animals 62cm 40-50
156 An Art Nouveau wrought iron and mesh spark guard 66cm h x 92cm w x 21cm 50-70
157 A French Rococo 19th Century style gilt metal fire curb incorporating 2 end urns 56cm h x 139cm w x 15cm d 200-300
158 A Victorian cast iron boot scraper in the form of a seated unicorn 41cm h x 60cm w x 30cm d 40-60
159 A brown leather Gladstone bag 30cm h x 60cm w x 27cm d 40-60
160 A 1980's Worthing Borough Council double sided parking meter 140cm h x 19cm x 10cm 50-75
161 A pair of 19th Century brass spiral turned candlesticks together with 2 other 19th Century brass candlesticks 30-40
162 Arthur Neadon, a bronzed figure of a standing race horse by a tree, 25cm h x 25cm w x 14cm d 30-40
163 A Japanese inlaid marquetry cabinet, the upper section with tambour shutter revealing 2 long drawers (1f), the base fitted 1 long drawer 23cm x 24cm x 10cm 30-40
164 A pair of 19th Century Japanese bronze candlesticks in the form of the water imp Kappa on lily pads with seated toads and snails 28cm h x 20cm 80-120
165 A circular Newlyn style planished copper dish decorated fish 28cm diam. together with a circular embossed copper bowl with bird and floral decoration 22cm diam. 30-40
166 Lockerbie and Wilkinson Ltd. a Lockwil patent brass lavatory door lock together with a Parker Winder and Archer ditto (no keys) 40-50
167 A Gabonais Punu mask of a lady 30cm x 20cm 100-150
168 A pair of cast iron yacht cleats 10cm x 20cm 30-40
169 A circular Art Nouveau embossed copper jardiniere with wavy border 16cm x 25cm 30-40
170 An engraved Turkish coffee pot 33cm, a pewter plate with bracketed border, the reverse with touch marks 24cm, an oval pewter dish the reverse with touch marks and bracket border 27cm, 2 pewter beakers monogrammed 10cm (some dents), a pair of pewter half pint measures the bases marked Hampton, a miniature coffee pot and sugar bowl 40-60
171 A copper twin handled preserving pan 38cm together with a pewter charger 46cm (some corrosion) 40-60
172 A pair of WWI brass Trench Art vases formed from 18lb shell cases marked 1916, 1 other dated 1915, a large brass shell case marked M14 1963, 3 40mm shell cases dated 1943, 1950 and 1955, a brass Trench Art vase dated 1942 engraved a cottage and a Trench Art vase formed from an 18lb shell case marked 1917 and a button stick 40-50
173 An Ivory Coast Heddle pulley, the top carved a mouse 36cm x 10cm 60-80
174 A pair of American WWI trench art jugs formed from shell cases, 1 marked 75DEC H2601 15 USA, the other ARSL 117.13S 75DEC 15cm x 8cm 20-30
175 After L M Lafuente, a Spanish limited edition bronze figure of a lady seated by a rocky outcrop 37cm x 14cm x 13cm 80-120
176 Farrow and Jackson, a Victorian copper 2 gallon harvest measure 34cm x 30cm 40-60
177 Two African carved wooden portrait busts of ladies 24cm x 13cm x 8cm together with 2 ditto carved wall masks 33cm x 20cm 30-40