Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A near pair of William Moorcroft Macintyre Florian Ware waisted vases decorated with yellow irises on a blue ground, having a printed signature 25cm and 25.5cm 400-600
2 A Loetz style green glass squat baluster vase 10cm 40-60
3 A pair of 18th Century Worcester blue and white dinner plates decorated with flowers 25cm 40-60
4 A Rosenthal figure of an exotic dancer, raised on an oval base standing beside a seated figure of Hotei 40cm 80-100
5 A Doulton Slaters motto leatherware jug, The Landlords Caution 21cm 30-50
6 A 19th Century cut glass pedestal bowl 21cm and 3 glass rinsers 20-30
7 A Beswick figure of a shire mare no.HH18 by Arthur Greddington, brown gloss 21.6cm together with a Beswick figure of a race horse, black matt, 17cm (restored) 24-34
8 A pair of Victorian ironstone jugs decorated in the chinoiserie style 13cm and 17cm, the larger jug is chipped 30-40
9 A 2 colour Wedgwood style match striker with silver collar 7cm 30-40
10 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight in the form of a seated cat with gold stopper 12cm 40-60
11 A pair of German porcelain figures of a young girl and boy, raised on circular bases 16cm 40-50
12 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight Royal Cats Abyssinian 24cm (no stopper) 40-50
13 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight Royal Cat Russian 22cm (no stopper) 40-50
14 A Royal Doulton figure - Lydia 12cm and ditto Southern Belle HN2229 20cm 30-40
15 A Lladro figure of a boy playing a drum , resting against a tree bough "Lladro Black Legacy Bongo Beat" No.5157 22cm 30-40
16 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Royal Cat - Egyptian 22cm (no stopper) 30-40
17 A Lladro figure of a young lady holding a bonnet behind her no. 5006 24cm 30-40
18 A Lladro figure of a boy resting against a log with a bird on his foot 23cm 30-40
19 A Moorcroft rectangular box and cover decorated with flowers, with signature, impressed mark and paper to the late Queen Mary label 11cm w 40-60
20 A Victorian money box in the form of a country cottage 11cm, a ditto group of a gentleman and spaniel 25cm and a ditto of a lion astride a man 24cm 40-50
21 A Royal Doulton figure - Sweet Dreams HN1318 19cm and a Royal Worcester figure - Grandmother's Dress 3081 16cm 30-40
22 A Beswick figure - Pinto Pony skewbald gloss 16.5cm, a shire foal (large) brown gloss 15.9cm, a foal (small gambolling left) brown gloss 8.3cm and a foal (medium head down) brown gloss 9.9cm, all modelled by Arthur Greddington 50-70
23 A Lladro figure of a standing polar bear cub 9cm 30-40
24 A Lladro figure of a seated polar bear cub 8cm 30-40
25 Five Fornasetti coasters decorated with spirit labels 11cm 60-80