Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 10th of September 2014

Lot No Description Est Image
1 An Achille Bloch porcelain figure group in the form of a lady seated in a Sedan chair complete with bearers on horseback 7"h 100-150
2 A 19th Century Continental porcelain table centre piece base in the form of an arbour with birds and birds nest (f and r) 7"h 30-50
3 A pair of 19th Century Mettlach club shaped vases, the base impressed Mettlach 1807, 1694, 12"h 250-350
4 A Royal Staffordshire Pottery jug in the form of Old Bill, the base marked Bruce Bairnsfather 4"h (f and r) 100-150
5 Bairnsfather, a Winton Pottery jug, decorated an army officer in ruined building captioned "At Present We're Sitting at a Farm 4" (chips to rim), Bairnsfather jug - A Souvenir of The Great War "If you know of a better 'ole go to it" 6"h, (firing crack to handle and some crazing with 2 metal rivets (formerly for a lid? to the back) together with a Grimwades Bairnsfather jug The Historical Touch "Well Alfred Ow Are The Cakes" 5 1/2"h (some crazing) 40-60
6 A Grimwades Bairnsfather Ware sugar bowl 2" "Dear ..... At present we are staying at a farm" (cracked), ditto plate Souvenir of the First World War "Give it a good 'ard un Bert", ditto teapot stand "When The 'ell is it going to be strawberry" 6 1/2" (some light scratching), ditto Winton bowl 5" (some crazing) together with a similar dish "Here with a loaf of bread beneath the bough" 4 1/2" (some crazing) 60-90
7 A Troika wheel vase with inscribed decoration, signed 4" 10-30
8 A Bohemian style turquoise overlay glass table lamp in the form of an oil lamp reservoir with clear glass chimney and gilt metal mounts 15" 70-100
9 A pair of Royal Doulton square waisted flo bleu jugs decorated winter scenes and standing ladies,with gilt banding and handles, the bases with green Royal Doulton marks 100-150
10 A pair of 19th Century German porcelain allegorical figures in the form of a standing female with globe and cornucopia 8"h and a standing warrior with flaming torch and shield 7", with stylised cross sword marks to the base 40-60
11 A pair of 19th Century German twin handled urns with floral decorated decoration supported by figures, raised on pierced bases 7 1/2" 30-50
12 A pair Japanese Noritake porcelain twin handled urns and covers of ovoid form decorated landscape, raised on circular spreading feet 9"h 30-50
14 A pair of Royal Doulton blue glazed waisted mugs, impressed 7371 and 7372 5 1/2" 30-50
15 2 Royal Doulton figures - Rose HN1368 4 1/2" and Goody Two Shoes HN2037 5" 20-30
16 A Coalport figure - Audrey, base marked AM 3 1/2", a Royal Worcester candle snuffer in the form of a standing nun with black Worcester mark 3 1/2", a Royal Doulton figure - Adrienne HN2304 6 1/2" 30-50
17 A Lladro figure of a sleeping angel with gilt metal halo 3 1/2", ditto reclining angel 5", ditto seated angel 4" 30-50
18 A Lladro figure of a standing bride with bouquet, base impressed 6329 14", boxed 40-60
19 A 1997 Lladro Collectors Society tea light holder with lithopane panels decorated yachts 4", ditto 1998 decorated dolphins, ditto 2000 figure of a seated puppy 3" together with 2 Lladro circular porcelain plaques with lithopane panels decorated birds 4", all boxed 30-50
20 A 1997 Lladro Event figure - Dreams of Summers Past 9 1/2", boxed 30-50
21 A Lladro rectangular porcelain table sign 2", a 1985 Lladro Collectors Society plaque decorated Don Quixote and 3 signature 4", a 1998 Lladro Society plaque in the form of a scroll surmounted by a dove 6" 30-50
22 A 1985 Lladro figure in the form of an ice cream salesman, the base marked 325 9" 40-60
23 A 1995 Lladro Collectors Society figure of a lady with parasol 10" 40-60
24 A Lladro figure, matt finished, of a standing monk 13" 30-50
25 A Lladro figure of a standing girl with bird, bunch of flowers and watering can, base impressed 5217 7", a Lladro figure group of a cat and a frog, base impressed 4442 5", Lladro figure of a standing nun marked 1987 5500 10" (f) 30-50
26 A 1997 Lladro Collectors Society figure - Pocketful of Wishes and a 2004 Lladro Special Event Creation figure - Little Lady, boxed 40-60