Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 12th of September 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
1 Lalique, a blue glass circular box Enfants with etched R LALIQUE FRANCE 11cm 250-350
2 A Royal Doulton character jug - John F Kennedy D7247 modelled by Ray Noble no. 185/250 11cm 30-40
3 A Beswick group of a grey mare and brown foal 1811 25cm 50-80
4 A modern Moorcroft Magnolia pattern squat baluster vase with impressed marks 10cm 40-50
5 A Bing and Grondahl model of a cat 1876KN 13cm 30-40
6 A Lladro figure of a seated polar bear 12cm 30-50
7 A Lladro figure of a crouching hound 15.5cm 30-50
8 A Lladro figure of a puppy 15cm 30-40
9 A Lladro figure of a sleeping hound 17cm 30-40
10 A Lladro group of a child with dog and 3 puppies no.1535 17cm 40-60
11 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Crocus pattern tea set comprising teapot and lid, 6 tea cups, 5 saucers, 6 plates and a sandwich plate 100-150
12 A modern Moorcroft Juneberry pattern bowl decorated with stylised leaves and berries with impressed marks, dated 2000 26cm diam. 30-50
13 Two Royal Doulton figures - Janet HN1537 16cm and Happy Birthday HN3660 21cm 26-36
14 Three Royal Doulton figures - Jessica HN3850 21cm, Adrienne HN2304 20cm and The Last Waltz HN2315 21cm 30-50
15 A Lladro figure of a clown holding balloons 5811 18cm 26-36
16 A Lladro figure of a clown sitting on a ball 5813 18cm 26-36
17 A Lladro figure of a clown with a puppy on its lap 5277 12cm 26-36
18 A Lladro figure of a clown with ball and puppy 5278 13cm 26-36
19 A pair of Edwardian Continental baluster vases with tapered necks decorated with spring flowers, the lids with floral finials 31cm 40-60
20 A Swarovski Crystal figure of a mouse 5cm, minor crystal figures 26-36
21 A Beswick brown race horse in a gloss finish 21cm 30-50
22 A Beswick figure Black Beauty no.H2466 in a matt finish 19cm 30-50
23 A Beswick race horse in a brown gloss 17cm 26-36
24 A Beswick figure of a chestnut foal F1813 12cm, a do. foal in a brown gloss 12cm and do. Shetland pony H1033 in brown gloss 14cm 40-60
25 Two Royal Doulton figures Lydia HN1908 12cm and Dorcas HN1558 18cm 30-50