Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
401 Norman Davies, watercolours, rural scenes with figures, a set of 5, 22cm x 14cm 50-75
404 Edwardian watercolour indistinctly signed, still life study of fruit before a copper pot 23cm x 33cm 40-60
405 Robert George Talbot Kelly, watercolour unsigned, study of a Dhow 34cm x 25cm 60-80
406 A 19th Century oil on board, unsigned, a lady feeding chickens before a country cottage 23cm x 36cm 100-150
407 M Willem, oil on canvas, Bruges street scene, 48cm x 38cm 50-75
408 C Ventris Bell, oil on canvas, view of "Loch Ewe" 54cm x 44cm 50-75
409 W Askham, 1917, oils on canvas, still life studies a pair, 49cm x 39cm 50-75
410 An Edwardian oil on board, unsigned, study of a lady playing a mandolin 45cm x 30cm 100-150
411 James Shaw Crompton, (1853-1916), watercolour signed, "The Title Deed" 36cm x 52cm 150-200
412 M J Burton RSW, watercolour, study of a horse 33cm x 43cm 50-75
413 J F Herring, coloured engraving, "Birmingham, The Winner of the Great St Leger Stakes at Doncaster 1830" 30cm x 41cm 50-75
414 20th Century oil on board, unsigned, a winter farm view with distant hills 44cm x 60cm 100-150
415 19th Century oil on canvas, unsigned, figures in a country setting beside a stream 42cm x 52cm 100-150
416 M Willem, oil on canvas signed, Bruges Canal scenes 48cm x 59cm 50-75
417 A J Cartmel-Crossley, a proof print signed in pencil, lakeside view with distant hills 36cm x 50cm 50-75
418 S Carwell '11, 19th Century oil on canvas, signed and dated study of cattle beside a river 50cm x 76cm 100-150
419 Eric Bruce McKay (1907 - 1989) oil on canvas "Farm at Watling Sussex" 48cm x 74cm 100-150
420 Christine Bausier, acrylic and mixed media "Expression III", a stylish portrait study 62cm x 47cm 80-120
421 Three framed Stevenographs "The Meet, Full Cry and The Death", three framed as one 40-60
422 Oil on canvas, abstract still life study of flowers and fruit 75cm x 55cm 100-150
423 M Miller 1873, oil on canvas, a young couple, boy tying her shoelaces with distant figures and buildings 24cm x 19cm 50-75
424 Stevenographs "The Good Old Days" and "The Present Time Sixty Miles an Hour" 5cm x 15cm (2) 40-60
425 F Guardi, oil on canvas unsigned, Continental town scape with boats and figures 47cm x 67cm 50-75
426 Early 20th Century painting on cotton, part study of the Bayeux Tapestry 49cm x 72cm 50-75
427 Ken Hammond (b1948) oil on board, Continental riverscape with boats 19cm x 60cm 40-60