Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Troika chimney vase with geometric decoration, signed LT 20.5cm 100-150
2 A 19th Century Bohemian red flash glass vase decorated with military motifs and flowers 15cm together with a blue glass gilt decorated vase showing a hunting scene 14cm 30-50
3 A cylindrical Troika vase with geometric decoration 19cm 100-150
4 A Beswick figure of an elephant with trunk stretching, large, no. 998 by Arthur Greddington 26cm, gloss finish 30-50
5 A Victorian Staffordshire group of an eagle protecting its nest with a rising terrier 16cm together with 2 Victorian Staffordshire figures of ladies carrying sheep 22cm and 21cm 30-50
6 A Doulton Slaters motto leatherware jug, The Landlords Caution 21cm 40-60
7 A pair of 19th Century German porcelain figures of a seated lady and gentleman raised on pierced bases 21cm 30-50
8 A Beswick figure of a horse - Arkle, Pat Taaffe up, Connoisseur figure by Arthur Greddington no.2084 21.7cm 40-60
9 A Wade Disney figure - Tramp 5cm and 11 others 40-60
10 A Poole Carter Stabler matt brown vase with geometric decoration 17cm and a Troika style turquoise glazed square ceramic table lamp 20cm 30-50
11 A Wade polar bear 4.5cm and 4 other polar animals and a Wade St Bernard Dog 4cm and 4 others 30-50
12 A Lladro figure of a boy playing a drum , resting against a tree bough "Lladro Black Legacy Bongo Beat" No.5157 22cm 40-60
13 Two Wade figures - Tom and Jerry together with 4 Flintstone animals 30-50
14 A Lladro figure of a young lady holding a bonnet behind her no. 5006 24cm 40-60
15 A Wade figure of a seated bear 4cm and 4 other wild animals and 5 figures of monks 30-50
16 A Lladro group of a lady with hound on a rocky base 5855 26cm 50-75
17 A Wade figure of a Pixie riding a pig 4cm and 11 others together with a similar cottage and 2 elephants 30-50
18 A Lladro figure of a lady standing with a parasol and an Afghan hound at her side 39cm 50-75
19 A Royal Doulton figure of a Spaniel in a wicker basket HN2585 9cm, ditto of 2 spaniels HN2590, 11cm and a standing ditto HN1037 9cm 30-50
20 An Orrefors axehead vase by Nils Landberg 30cm together with a Murano green glass vase 23cm 50-75
21 A Royal Doulton figure of a terrier pup in a wicker basket HN2587 9cm, a ditto of a terrier with a ball HN1103 7cm, another of a terrier with a bone 9cm and another of a terrier licking a plate HN1158 12cm 50-75
22 A Moroccan style earthenware tapered tan glazed vase decorated with scrolling leaves and flowers 45cm 40-60
23 A Wade figure of a standing pig 3cm and nine other Wade animals 26-36
24 A Victorian Staffordshire figure of a seated hound 12cm, a pair of Staffordshire pen holders in the form of reclining sheep 8cm and a ditto of a lady riding a giant goat 14cm 30-50
26 A Wade figure of a lion, zebra, Miss Fluffy Cat and 5 others 30-50