Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 9th of September 2021

Lot No Description Est Image
501 A Val St Lambert clear glass figure of a bird of prey engraved De Soiss 19cm 50-75
502 A Samson 19th Century figure of a standing gentleman carrying a drum, raised on a rococo base 30cm 50-75
503 A Crown Staffordshire figure of a hare by B.Linley Adams 15cm 40-60
504 A Poole Pottery ceramic timepiece with slip glaze decoration 20cm 50-75
505 A Crown Devon musical jug - On Ilkley Moor baht'at 13cm 30-50
506 A Lalique clear glass figure of a mouse engraved Lalique France 3.5cm 50-75
507 A Rosenthal plate decorated by Bjorn Wiinblad 22cm, a ditto circular box and cover 8cm, a pair of candle holders 15cm and a vase 20cm 100-150
508 A Royal Doulton flambe figure of a standing bull elephant 17cm 50-75
509 A Royal Doulton figure of a bulldog HN1074 8cm, ditto seated bulldog K1 5cm and a ditto figure Balloon Man 9cm 30-50
510 Three Royal Doulton figures - The Mask Seller HN2103 20cm, Falstaff HN2054 18cm and The Old Balloon Seller HN1315 17cm 40-60
511 Three Coalport figures - Carla 13cm, Cassie 13cm and Eloise 13cm 30-40
512 A Bretby green glazed twin handled vase with flared base no.1622 30cm 30-40
513 A Studio Glass freeform dish 30cm, ditto vases 18cm, 13cm and 7cm 30-40
514 Three Coalport figures - Romany Dance 19cm, Miranda 17cm and Ripe Cherries Ripe no.299/9500 21cm 30-40
515 Three Coalport figures - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother no.344/7500 20cm, Queen Victoria no.766/7500 20cm and Diana Princess of Wales no.8554/12500 21cm 40-60
516 A Lladro figure of a dove 6288, 20cm 30-40
517 Three Coalport figures - The Queen No.1534/7500 21cm, Princess Alexandra no.1883/7500 20cm and Queen Mary 820/7500 20cm 40-60
518 Ten Stuart Crystal wine glasses 13cm 40-60
519 A Lladro figure of a girl and boy, the boy holding a candle 20cm 20-30
520 A Lladro figure of a boy sailor sitting on a capstan 23cm 30-40
521 Eight cut glass tumblers decorated with grapes and vines together with a a water jug 40-60
522 Eight Stuart Crystal wine glasses, 9 ditto liqueurs and 2 brandies 30-50
523 A cut glass jug with silver lip 19cm together with a blue flash glass Bohemian tapered vase 18cm 40-60
524 A Beswick group of a lion facing left no.2089, golden brown gloss 14cm, lioness facing right 2097, golden brown gloss 14.6cm and lion cub facing left, golden brown gloss 10cm, all by Graham Tonge 30-50
525 A collection of limited edition Beswick Ware figures comprising Squirrel Nutkin 1263/1947 13cm, Jeremy Fisher 556/1947 13cm, Hunca Munca Sweeping 1263/1947 13cm, Tabitha Twitchett and Moppet 754/2500 13cm, Tom Kitten 556/1947 10cm and Mrs Rabbit and Peter 972/2500 13cm, all boxed 150-180