Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 9th of September 2021

Lot No Description Est Image
676 A M.Hohner vest pocket harp mouth organ and a mahogany lozenge shaped tea caddy 12cm h x 12cm w x 9cm d 30-40
677 A cylindrical Art Deco mahogany game counter bank comprising 191 circular coloured plastic counters 8cm h x 17cm 40-60
678 Four feather models of dining chairs 8cm h x 4cm w x 4cm d, ditto daybed (a/f) 5cm h x 6cm w x 5cm d (reputedly made by First World War German prisoners of war) 20-30
679 An Art Deco Chinese black lacquered 9 piece cocktail set comprising circular tray 27cm diam., cocktail shaker 27cm h, 6 glasses 11cm (1 with damaged foot) 50-75
680 Three brass and polished steel compasses, a Rabone boxwood 24cm gauge, a brass and wooden parallel ruler 14cm, 2 brass protractors etc 40-50
681 A Victorian life preserver 41cm 50-75
682 A collection of geological specimens 30-50
683 A bottle of 1947 Extra Quality Extra Dry Leon Monte Fieres Champagne 15-25
684 A jade tree contained in a celadon vase 35cm x 54cm x 18cm 40-60
685 Allied Newspapers, 40 miniature volumes "The Works of Shakespeare" contained in an oak 3 tier bookcase 22cm h x 19cm w 50-75
686 The New Sultan bicycle lamp marked New Sultan PH Birmingham (glass cracked) 30-50
687 A curious oval coopered flour bin and lid of waisted form 33cm h x 17cm w x 20cm d (old but treated worm) together with 2 turned wooden bowls (1 cracked) 40-60
688 John Sherer "Rural Life, The Management of Horses, Dogs, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry etc" published by The London Printing and Publishing Co., half leather bound (damage to the spine) together with volumes 1-4 J R Ainsworth Davis "The Natural History of Animals" published by Gresham Publishing Co. 1905, half leather bound and "The New Practical Atlas of The World" by Odhams Press 30-40
689 A Class C beam scale marked 9781 and with George V calibration mark 76cm 30-50
690 9 pairs of 19th/20th Century beech shoe trees together with a 1930's brown Bakelite ditto (f) 40-60
691 A Regency copper and brass tea urn with lion ring drop handles, raised on a square base with bun feet 33cm h x 13cm w x 12cm d 70-90
692 A hardstone figure of a standing penguin 17cm (foot a/f), ditto polar bear 10cm, ditto bird on an oval base 9cm (glued), an African hardstone figure of a seated hippopotamus 4cm x 9.5cm x 5cm 30-50
693 A pair of 19th Century polished brass candlesticks, 1 with ejector, 27cm h x 12cm 20-30
694 Asprey's Reference Library, 7 leather bound volumes - "Atlas, English Quotations and Provenance, Classics and Mythology, French and English Quotations, Encyclopaedia, Gazetteer and Dictionary" contained in a mahogany and leather bound book trough 15cm h x 20cm w x 17cm d 80-120
695 A Turkish brass coffee pot with signature mark to sides, 23cm h x 8cm 30-40
696 A collection of various sea shells 30-50
697 A 19th Century 2 gallon copper harvest measure 31cm h x 32cm diam. together with a 19th Century brass preserving pan with iron handle 13cm x 26cm 30-40
698 A 19th Century oval copper kettle with acorn finial 12cm h x 15cm w x 13cm d together with a circular waisted copper kettle 23cm h x 21cm diam. and 1 other with wooden handle 8cm x 11cm 20-30
699 A 19th Century circular polished copper copper 28cm h x 38cm diam. 80-120
700 A Brown's Self Interpreting Family bible, brass and leather bound 30-50