Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction to be held on Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Lot No Description Est Image
26 A gentleman's 9ct yellow gold Waltham half hunter pocket watch with seconds at 6 o'clock, the case with presentation inscription, the movement stamped Marquis Waltham.Mass and numbered 21769016, 50mm case, Birmingham 1922 300-500
27 A yellow metal amethyst and gem set bracelet 6.7 grams, 18cm 50-75
28 Two gentleman's yellow gold signet rings 1 with a brilliant cut diamond 0.02ct, 1 has a cut shank, 1.0 grams 30-50
29 A 9ct yellow gold necklace set with an oval peridot 5.8 grams 50-75
30 A yellow metal stamped 18ct emerald and diamond ring, the oval centre stone 0.7ct, the 2 brilliant cut diamonds 0.5ct, size N 1/2, 2.5 grams 1000-1400
31 A lady's Edwardian 14k fob watch with enamelled dial contained in a 32mm case 50-75
32 A white metal stamped Plat up-finger diamond ring with 3 diamonds surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds 1.35ct, size N 1/2, 6.2 grams 1500-1700
33 A gentleman's 9ct yellow gold engraved signet ring 4.9 grams, size Q 1/2, together with a gold plated locket 50-75
34 A yellow metal 18k mounted carved tigers eye figure of a seated chinaman 30mm, 10 grams gross 50-75
35 A yellow metal garnet and pearl ring, size Q, 3.4 grams together with a ruby and diamond 18ct yellow gold ditto 3.5 grams, size N, 150-200
36 A lady's 9ct yellow gold Longines wristwatch on a ditto bracelet 17.2 grams including glass 150-200
37 A white metal 9 stone brilliant cut diamond ring approx. 1ct, 9.2 grams, size V 600-800
38 A yellow metal brooch in the form of a rose 6 grams, 4cm 40-60
39 A 9ct yellow gold rope twist necklace 5.5 grams, 44cm 50-75
40 A yellow metal stamped 18k oval sapphire and diamond ring, the centre stone 1.35ct, the 8 brilliant cut diamonds 0.8ct, size O 1/2, 4.5 grams 1400-1600
41 A white metal stamped 9ct cultured pearl ring, size O together with a pair of ditto ear clips, gross 4.7 grams 40-60
42 A white metal stamped 750 emerald and diamond ring, the 3 princess cut emeralds 0.4ct, the 3 brilliant cut diamonds 0.7ct, size O, 5.2 grams 500-700
43 A strand of 92 cultured pearls with a white metal stamped 585 diamond ball clasp, 73cm, pearls each approx. 6mm 100-200
44 A yellow metal stamped 18k pin 2.3 grams together with a yellow metal topaz and seed pearl bar brooch 40-60
45 A yellow metal stamped 750 wedding band size Q 1/2, 4 grams 80-120
46 A white metal stamped Plat tanzanite and diamond ring, the emerald cut tanzanite 2.2ct, the brilliant and baguette cut diamonds 0.4ct, size M 1/2, 4.9 grams 1100-1300
47 A yellow metal bangle with leopards head terminals 75mm diam., 32 grams 500-700
48 A white metal stamped 750 diamond and emerald bracelet comprising 8 brilliant cut diamonds approx. 0.15ct each and 4 brilliant cut emeralds approx. 0.25ct each, 24.4 grams, 18.5cm in length 800-1200
49 A strand of 106 cultured pearls each approx. 6mm with a white metal stamped 585 diamond set ball clasp 95cm 150-200
50 A yellow metal oval emerald and diamond cluster ring, the centre stone 0.6ct, the 10 brilliant cut diamonds 0.35ct, 2.6 grams, size N 1/2 650-750