Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of November 2023

Lot No Description Est Image
1 An Edwardian yellow metal 9ct ruby and seed pearl brooch in the form of a bird sitting on a branch 5.3 grams 28mm, in original heart shaped fitted case 200-250
2 A 22ct yellow gold engraved wedding band 6.6 grams size M 1/2 200-260
3 Two 9ct yellow gold wedding bands 5.2 grams, size M 1/2 and U 70-90
4 A gentleman's yellow metal signet ring, engraved monogram S C, 12.1 grams, size Y 1/2 140-180
5 A fine yellow metal diamond princess cut emerald and cultured pearl 3 strand bracelet, the clasp set with 23 brilliant cut diamonds each approx. 0.02ct set with 18 princess cut emeralds each approx. 0.03ct, 21cm 33.8 grams, the pearls approx. 6mm diam. each 500-700
6 A gentleman's yellow metal paste set signet ring, 8 grams, size W 100-140
7 A 9ct yellow gold cultured pearl dress ring, 6.6 grams, size J 50-75
8 A 9ct yellow gold amethyst dress ring size K and a 9ct paste and gem set ring size N, 9.1 grams 100-140
9 A 9ct yellow gold 5 stone illusion set diamond ring and a paste set ditto, size M and N 1/2, 3.5 grams 40-60
10 A fine yellow metal diamond and princess cut cultured pearl triple and double strand necklace set with 17 brilliant cut diamonds, each approx. 0.02ct, set with 45 princess cut emeralds each approx. 0.02ct, 48cm, 50 grams 800-1000
11 A Victorian 18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond ring comprising 3 oval cut rubies and 3 (ex 4) diamonds size N, 2.7 grams 40-60
12 Two 22ct yellow gold wedding bands 7.4 grams, size J 1/2 and Q 200-300
13 An Edwardian yellow metal 9ct bar brooch in the form of a fox head and crop, 5 grams, 60mm, boxed 100-150
14 A Victorian yellow metal carved coral floral spray brooch (chipped and missing a droplet) together with a yellow metal enamelled and seed pearl bar brooch (chipped) 60-80
15 A fine yellow metal 750 graduated brushed articulated necklace set with 3 cabochon cut rubies, each approx 1ct surrounded by 28 brilliant cut diamonds, each approx. 0.03ct, the links set with 18 brilliant cut diamonds each approx. 0.01ct, 54.7 grams, 40cm 4000-5000
16 A 9ct yellow gold matchbook holder 33 grams gross 300-400
17 A Victorian carved coral gate link bracelet 19cm, 25cm wide 150-200
18 A 9ct yellow gold hollow bangle and a ditto buckle ring size O, 12 grams 150-200
19 A yellow metal bracelet with a 9ct yellow gold heart padlock 14.2 grams, 16cm 180-220
20 A pair of yellow metal paste set ear clips 11 grams, 20mm x 15mm 50-75
21 A 9ct yellow gold identity bracelet 35 grams, 21cm 440-540
22 A yellow metal necklace 9.2 grams, 40cm 180-240
23 A Victorian yellow metal double cameo portrait brooch 38mm, 5.5 grams 80-120
24 A 9ct yellow gold flat link bracelet with heart padlock, 58.4 grams, 18cm 700-900
25 A yellow metal 18ct illusion set diamond ring approx. 0.04ct, size M, an Edwardian 3 stone ditto size N 1/2, 3.4 grams 50-75