Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Vintage and Interiors auction held on Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Lot No Description Est Image
51 A set of 4 Edwardian inlaid mahogany stick and rail back dining chairs with over stuffed seats, raised on square tapered supports, spade feet 10-20
52 A mid Century teak home office with well fitted interior 113cm h x 83cm w x 53cm d 40-60
53 A 1930's oak tallboy, the upper section with raised back, enclosed by panelled doors, base fitted 2 drawers 123cm h x 82cm w x 45cm h 20-30
54 A William IV bar back carver chair with overstuffed seat raised on turned supports 20-30
55 G-Plan, a teak extending dining table raised on square supports with H framed stretcher, the centre leaf marked G-Plan no.206 73cm h x 106cm w x 158cm l 20-30
56 Link, a mid Century teak sideboard, the raised back fitted a cupboard enclosed by a glazed and panelled sliding door above 2 shelves, the base fitted a cupboard enclosed by glazed panelled sliding doors above a drawer, flanked by a cupboard 134cm h x 118cm w x 40cm d 40-60
57 A child's 1920's beech framed metamorphic high chair 10-20
58 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany coal purdonium with raised back 62cm h x 38cm w x 38cm d (no liner) 20-30
59 An Edwardian circular mahogany 3 tier cake stand 93cm h x 28cm diam. 5-10
60 A Victorian rectangular beech and cane kneeling stool raised on bun feet 16cm x 46cm x 13cm together with a 1920's mahogany wash stand with 3/4 gallery fitted cupboards, raised on square supports 80cm h x 61cm w x 47cm d (some paint splashes to the top) 10-20
61 A Victorian style white laminate side/writing table on turned supports 80cm h x 88cm w x 55cm d 25-35
62 A pine cabinet with recess above drawer, base enclosed by panelled door, raised on a platform base 84cm x 64cm x 53cm 5-10
63 A Georgian style oval inlaid mahogany drop flap gateleg occasional table 47cm x 47cm w x 23cm d together with a drop flap table with brown inset writing surface 49cm h x 49cm w x 27cm d 15-25
64 A shoe shine box covered in green material 41cm h x 35cm w x 21cm d 15-25
65 An 18th Century style oak dresser back/plate rack with moulded cornice, fitted 3 shelves 120cm h x 149cm w x 21cm d 20-30
66 A gold painted loom style chair 15-25
67 A pine slatted bench 46cm h x 148cm w x 24cm d 30-50
68 A 19th Century Continental stripped pine dresser base fitted 3 frieze drawers with tore handles above 3 drawers flanked by cupboards, raised on bun feet 96cm h x 130cm w x 58cm d 60-90
69 Two Georgian style mahogany double corner cabinets, both fitted shelves enclosed by astragal glazed panelled doors above cupboard enclosed by a panelled door 179cm h x 57cm w x 50cm d together with a hanging ditto 98cm h x 59cm w x 38cm d 5-10
70 A 1950's walnut finished kidney shaped dressing chest of 2 drawers raised on cabriole supports 77cm h x 92cm w x 50cm d 5-10
71 A circular elm stool raised on turned supports, base marked Wanderwood 31cm h x 31cm diam. 20-30
72 A shaped inlaid mahogany coffee table raised on turned column and tripod base 54cm h x 101cm w x 61cm d 20-30
73 A twin handled metal deed box 19cm x 41cm x 30cm containing a 1921 Playbox Annual, 2 other annuals, 4 cigarette card albums, a Paxina camera 20-30
74 A pine pedestal table raised on a pillar and tripod base 72cm h x 92cm w x 62cm d 15-25
75 A Victorian rectangular mahogany plate dressing table mirror contained in a mahogany swing frame 59cm h x 51cm w x 22cm d 15-25