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Member services help

As a member you can access the following services

Lot basket
Setting Bids
Sending Bids
Email Alerts
Condition Reports
Live Bidding

This is where you save your favourite lots. ( you must be logged in first )

Add a lot from the auction catalogue by clicking the button next to it

To remove a lot from your lot basket click the button on the catalogue or lot basket page.

Setting a bid does not send it to us - it is purely for your own reference.

To set a bid visit your lot basket click the absentee bids tab and select a bid from the drop down list next to the lot. To clear a bid, set the bid to No Bid

Once you have set bids you can send them to us as absentee bids .

Simply visit the send bids page and click Send Pending Bids To Denhams

You cannot send bids unless we have your full address, you can update it on the my details page.

Once sent you will receive a confirmation email of your bids. You can view the bids you have sent in the received bids section of the bids page

If you wish to retract any of your bids please email us directly via

If your bids are successful you will be emailed an invoice at the end of the auction.

Please note that in placing absentee bids, you are entering a legally binding bid on the items you indicate.

These are configured on the email alerts page

To receive notifications of auctions check the box stating 'Send me auction announcements', then click update.


To receive keyword search results by emails start typing a word/phrase in the keywords box.

As you can see from the example above, if we already have the word it will appear in the list and you can select it. Otherwise hit tab enter and your new word/phrase will be saved . You can add up to 50 words and phrases. Finally click update to save. To remove a word, simply click the cross next to the word then click update

When an antique sale catalogue is uploaded, the catalogue would be searched for ( using the above example ) all lot descriptions that contain all the words oak refectory table. It would then search for all those containing the word clarice cliff again an you'll recieve an email with links to the results.

Search advice

Please do not use plurals as searching for Clocks may only return lots of multiple clocks whereas clock with return all singular and plural clocks

Also try not to use generic terms such as furniture or militaria as these would likely never be used in a lot description.

If you want some more information on a lot you can request a condition report

On the catalogue page when viewing a lot detail you can click request condition. You can then add any request details or areas to photograph before sending the request.

When we upload a condition report you will notified by email when it is ready with a link to view it. When viewing the detail of a lot you will also see the report and extra images

Registering to bid

To bid live during an auction, firstly add items of interest to your lot basket via the catalogue. Then visit your lot basket and select the 'Request to bid live' tab. Click 'request live bid' on all lots you are interested in.

You cannot send absentee bids on lots you are live bidding on.

In time we will process the bid requests and accept them, however you must have entered your full address on the my details page and you must be known to us and have a history of purchases from the auction rooms

After a couple of auctions when you are known to us, your bid requests will be automatically accepted

Bidding process

On auction day open up the bidding console ( from the members menu 'my lots >> watch / bid live' ). When your lots are about to come up you will hear an alarm sound ( this happens five lots before your lot but you can turn this off ). When it is time for your lot to be sold a green bid button will appear.

When you click 'bid' we are notified of your pending bid. Bids from buyers in the room always take precedent so your bids may initially be rejected until no one is left bidding.

If your bid is accepted the bid button will turn blue and its status will change to 'With You'

If the lot is sold the screen will move on to the next lot, however in the tab named 'My Lots', you will see

As with any bids you will be invoiced by email at the end of the auction for the lots you were successfull with.