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Lot 14
An 18th Century oak dresser with raised back fitted 2 shelves flanked by a pair of cupboards, the base fitted 3 long drawers above a double cupboard enclosed by panelled doors 54" £900-1200

Whilst parts of the dresser are undoubtedly old, there are several places where the dresser has been added ot or changed which makes it very difficult to comment on.For example, whilst the back panelling of the top section is old wood, it does appear ot have been replaced. Several of the escutcheon holes to the doors have been filled in with wood sections so there are no locks. There are small beading sections which stop for no apparant reason. With regards to the condition, taking into account the changed back and filled holes, the dresser is in good condition although there are several splits to the top.

From Cupboards in the Antique & Fine Quality Furniture section in our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 1st of October 2008