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Lot 171
A Corgi Toys gift set No.40 Avengers boxed with tray comprising red Bentley with silvered wheels and white Lotus Elan S2, complete with figures of John Steel and Emma Peel and 3 black umbrellas

The main box is good condition with small tears to the corner of the flaps and a little warping. The Elan has chipping to the rear and front bumper and sporadic minor body chips. The Elan is missing it's windscreen The Bentley appears in very good condition with only paint loss to the coppering of the exhaust pipe underneath. The card display tray has a dark brown stain approximately 3cm wide in the bottom right starting from the O in Lotus to the end and underneath. There is a minor tear to the front right wheel slot in the card. There is an area of chipping to the top of John Peel's Bowler. The Emma Peel figure has a small chip on her right shoulder

From Toys,Dolls,Games in the Metalware, Collectors Items, Ephemera, Fabrics, Toys, Curios etc section in our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 13th of February 2019