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Lot 191
6 various Hornby carriages comprising - a Hornby Railway R.628 BR buffet car, ditto R437 BR coach composite, 4 Hornby Railways Silver Seal Carriages R.921 Intercity Mark 2 coach (x), R.928 BR coach composite, R438 BR coach break third all boxed, 5 items of Hornby rolling stock R.340 Containers, a break van, 2 18 cable drum wagons, an R564 bulk cement wagon and 2 items of Hornby rolling stock R217 BR Mineral wagon and R136 Bolster mineral wagon, 3 items of Hornby Silver Seal rolling stock R.097, a 5 planked wagon Arnold Sands, an R22 Kellogg's closed van, an R20 Shell tank wagon SOLD £80

From Model Planes, Boats, Trains in the Metalware, Collectors Items, Ephemera, Fabrics, Toys, Curios etc section in our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 6th of May 2015