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Lot 20
A collection of Beswick Beatrix Potter figures Mrs Tittlemouse 3 1/2", Mr Jeremy Fisher 3", Mrs Tiggywinkle 3 1/2", Little Pig Robinson 4", Squirrel Nutkin 3 1/2", Tailor of Gloucester 4", Hunca Munca 3", Flopsy Mopsy & Cottontail 2 3/4", Benjamin Bunny 4", Ribby 3 1/2", Mrs Rabbit 4", Miss Moppett 3", Tom Kitten 3 1/2", Foxy Whiskered gentleman 5", Jemima Puddleduck 4 1/2", Lady Mouse from Tailor of Gloucester 4 1/2", Timmy Willie from Johnny Townmouse 3", Johnny Townmouse 3 1/2", Samuel Whiskers 3 1/2" and Peter Rabbit 4 1/2" SOLD £180

Mrs Tittlemouse has a broken arm, Little pig Robinson is crazed all over, Benjamin Bunny has a broken ear and carrot, Ribby is crazed, Mrs Rabbit has chipped ears, a smashed basket and crazing, Miss Moppet has a repaired ear, Tom Kitten has a chipped ear, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman has a chipped ear, Jemima Puddleduck has a chipped bonnet, Lady Muse has a broken arm and crazing, Timmy Willy has a broken base, Johnny Town Mouse has a chipped ear, Samuel Whiskers has a chipped ear and Peter Rabbit has a broken ear. The remaining figures are in good condition.

From Beswick in the European and Oriental Ceramic and Glassware section in our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 6th of September 2017