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Lot 52
A collection of 30 Wade Whimsies comprising a polar bear, 4 cubs, 2 rhinos, 2 lions, 2 monkeys, 2 gorillas, 2 seals, a wild boar, beaver, grey rhino, 2 dogs, reclining leopard, squirrel, a girl, boy, sabre tooth tiger, ferret, bison, fish, chimp, kitten and lamb SOLD £20

The large polar bear has a chip to base, 2 of the bear cubs have chipped bases, 1 of the monkeys has a chipped ear, the boar has a chipped ear, the chimp has a chipped base, the fish has a chipped fin, dog has a chipped snout, large polar bear has a chipped nose, gorilla has a chipped bas, leopard has a chipped ear, ferret, girl, sabre tooth tiger, lamb and kitten are all chipped

From Wade/Sylvac/Carltonware/Torquayware in the European and Oriental Ceramic and Glassware section in our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 10th of September 2014