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Lot 660
A flight of 3 Beswick blue tits, the reverse impressed Beswick England 705, 706 and 707 £20-40

The figure that is facing to the right rather than the other two which are to the left is marked 705, the figure marked 706 is the bottom one in the image and the one marked 707 is the one with it\'s wings together. All of the figures have crazing to the glaze and none have any obvious cracks or damage. The only potential fault we can find is that hte figure marked 706 has a strange glaze which feels rough to the BACK of the tail. Whilst it definitely has a different surface to the rest of the figure, it does not appear to have been broken off and restored adn we can only assume that a chip has been filled.

From Beswick in the European and Oriental Ceramic and Glassware section in our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 4th of July 2007