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The numbers in the green boxes show the current reservations up to a maximum of 15 per hour. Please click an hour slot to book a visit, if you are a group click the hour multiple times. You will be sent an email confirming each booking

Please make sure you bring a suitable face mask in order to attend viewing.

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Friday 16 Saturday 17 Monday 19 Tuesday 20
09:00am 14 left 10 left 15 left 10 left
10:00am 9 left 1 left 13 left 4 left
11:00am 10 left FULL 1 left 1 left
12:00noon 3 left 4 left 6 left
13:00pm 10 left 5 left 6 left
14:00pm 7 left 5 left FULL
15:00pm 11 left 10 left 8 left
16:00pm 14 left 11 left 15 left