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Catalogue for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 15th of November 2006

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A stock book of cigarette card sets: Wills Cinema Stars, Gallaher Zoo tropical Birds, Churchman Famous Railway trains, Gallaher Motor Cars, Gallaher Footballers in Action and Godfrey Phillips Screen stars. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Gallaher British Naval Heroes, Churchman The Queen Mary, Godfrey Phillips Kings & Queens of England, Sarony Tennis Strokes and Morris's Shadowgraphs £50-100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Morris Marvels of the Universe, Gallaher Tropical Birds, Wills Old English Garden Flowers, Wills Allied Leaders, Churchman Famous Cricket Colours, Gallaher Plants of Commercial Value and Godfrey Phillips Screen Stars. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Godfrey Phillips British Birds, Edwards Ringer & Bigg Mining, Carreras Airmen & Airwomen, Major Drapkin Palmistry, Carreras British Prime Ministers, Morris Racing Greyhounds and Wills Celebrated Ships. £45-£90


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Murray Stage & Film Stars, Players Arms & Armour, Players Modern Naval Craft, Players Cycling, Wills Butterflies & Moths large, Wills Punch Cartoons large and Peter Jackson The Pageant of Kingship. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Wills British School of Painting large, Wills The British Navy, Players Old Naval Prints large, Players Wildfowl large, Wills British Castles large, Peter Jackson Stars in Famous Films, Carreras Do You Know? And Carreras Famous Airmen & Airwomen. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Wills Golf large, Stephen Mitchell Empire Exhibition, Famous Crosses, Ogdens Sea Adventure, Stephen Mitchell Army Ribbons & Buttons, Gallaher Animals & Birds of Commercial Value, Wills Gems of Russian Architecture and Morris Measurement of Time. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Morris Australian Cricketers, BAT Modern Beauties, Ardath Fighting & Civil Aircraft, BAT Zoological Studies, Players Useful Plants & Fruits, Ogdens Sea Adventure, United Tobacco African Fish and Aeroplanes of To-day. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette card sets: Churchman East Suffolk Churches, Carreras Amusing Tricks, BAT Guernsey Alderney & Sark, Wills Allied Army Leaders, Sarony Celebrities & their Autographs large, Major Drapkin Advertisement Cards and Churchman Wonderful railway Travel. £50-£90


A stock book of cigarette card sets: A & BC The monkeys, Trex Good Dogs, Anglo Trains, The Horse, Burtons Wagon Wheels, Chums Football Teams, Anglo Space and D C Thompson Rover Warrior Cards. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette cards: Salmon & Gluckstein Shakespearian Series 14, Heroes of the Transvaal War 22, The Great White City 16 and Magical series 10. £85-£170


A stock book of cigarette cards: Singleton & Cole Atlantic Liners 36, Bonzo series 10 and Famous Film Stars 3. £85-£170


A stock book of cigarette cards: Edwards Ringer & Bigg Abbeys & Castles 20, A Tour Round the world 16, Birds & Eggs 28 and Coast & Country 17. £75-£150


A stock book of cigarette cards: A. Baker & Co Actresses 2, Actresses black 2, Beauties of all Nations 41 and Star Girls 1. £85-£170


A stock book of cigarette cards: J. & F. Bell Actresses 2, Footballers 2, Clan series 13, Colonial series 2. £50-£100


A stock book of cigarette cards: Thomas Bear: Aeroplanes, Bears, Javanese, Bewlay & Co: Comic Advertisement Card, War Series, war Scenes, W. O. Bigg: Flags of all Nations, Life on board a man of war, Jas Biggs: Actresses, colonial Troops, Bocnal: Beauty & charm, Proverbs, Bensons old Bristol £85-£175


A stock book (no front) of cigarette and trade large cards including: Kimball & Co, Duke, Gail, Lorillard, D. E. Rose & Co, Maclin-Zimmer, The Banner Tobacco Co, American Tobacco, Wm. G. Hills, and others. Approx 80 cards. £165-£330


A stock book of cigarette cards (some shaped) including: Kinney Bros, American Tobacco, Thos H Hall, American Eagle, Murai Bros, Lorillard, Tuckett's, Hignett and others. Approx 150 cards. £120-£235


A stock book of cigarette and trade cards including: Small Footballers, Carreras Overseas, Recruit, and others. £50-£100


A box of trade card sets (some wrapped) and or part sets including: Master Vending Tommy Steele 1958, Brook Motors, Lord Nelson's and others. £20-£40


A Box of Cavanders cigarette cards. £5-£10


A Box of Turf Slides cigarette cards. £5-£10


A plastic bag of Ogdens cigarette cards. £5-£10


A plastic bag of Universal Tobacco Co cigarette cards. £5-£10


A stock book of F. & J. Smith cigarette cards: Shadowgraphs 82 assorted backs. £55-£105