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Catalogue for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 18th of October 2006

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Cigarette card sets: Cope Song Birds, Wills Dogs, Churchman The Story of Navigation, Ogdens Members of Parliament 1901, Godfrey Phillips Optical Illusions, Wills Regimental Colors & Cap Badges, Wills Australia War Incidents, Sarony Celebrity Autographs and BAT Channel Islands Past & Present. £50-100


Cigarette and Trade card sets: B. Morris & Sons Golf Strokes, Churchman Racing Greyhounds, Churchman The Queen Mary, Churchman In Town Tonight, Typhoo Amazing World of Dr Who, Wills Flag Girls of All Nations and Wills the Worlds Dreadnoughts. £50-100


Cigarette card sets: Hignett Life in the Pond & Stream, Wills Time & Money, Wills Regimental Colours & Cap Badges untitled, Wills The World of Dreadnoughts, Ogden’s Tabs B series, Churchman The Houses of Parliament, Wills Australia Historic Events Havelock, Westminster The World of Tomorrow and Churchman Treasure Trove. £50-100


Cigarette card sets: United Services Ancient Warriors, Ogdens Tabs B series, Godfrey Phillips British Butterflies Transfers, Wills Flag Girls, Players Race Horses, Churchman Legends of Britain, Wills Scissors Actresses (uncoloured) Purple brown back and Godfrey Phillips Fish. £55-110


Cigarette card sets: Wills Specialties War Incidents, Ardath Life in the Services N Z, Wills Strange Craft, Wills Speed, Gallaher Birds Nest & Eggs, Wills Public Schools and Ogdens Tab s Series B £50-100


Cigarette card sets: Wills Historic Events, Churchman British Film Stars, Players Over seas Pictures of the East, Major Drapkin Around the Mediterranean, BAT Celebrities of Film & Stage, Churchman Interesting Dorr Knockers and Wills NZ V.C.s. £50-100


Cigarette and Trade card sets: BAT Beauties, Kane Products Disc Stars, Ogdens Tabs G, Wills OS Modern War Weapons, Gallaher The Great War VC's, Players Ships Figureheads and Wills Old Furniture. £50-100


Cigarette card sets: Edwards Ringer & Bigg Cinema Stars, Wills European Royalty, Wills Railway Locos, Embassy Snooker Celebrities, Churchman Railway Working, CWS Cooking Recipes, Pattreiouex Views and Godfrey Phillips Red Indians. £50-100


Cigarette card sets: Churchman The queen Mary, Churchman Pipes of the World, Churchman Landmarks in Railway Progress, Gallaher Famous Footballers and Godfrey Phillips International Caps. £55-100


Cigarette card sets: Carreras Believe it or Not, Players Dandies, Major Drapkin British Beauties, Gallaher the Great War 2nd, Godfrey Phillips How to make a Valve Amplifier. £50-100


A stock book of cigarette card part sets: Godfrey Phillips B D V Silks £50-100


A stock book of cigarette card part sets: "Pinnace" Style Sports Personalities £40-80


A stock book of trade card part sets: A1 Dairies to Amalgamated Press inc ABC, Adolph, Allens (Cricketers, Football and Fighting Planes ect), Almond Sports & Pastimes, Amal Press Makes of Motor Car & Ships of the World. £40-80


A collection of Ogden’s cigarette card part sets: Royal Mail 1909 (approx 100), Sea Adventure 1939 (approx 200), Sectional Map (36), Shakespeare unnumbered 1905 (15) and Shakespeare numbered (18). £100-200


A collection of Stephen Mitchell cigarette card part sets: Clan Tartan 1927 (110), Clan Tartan 2nd 1927 (88), Empire Exhibition Scotland1938 (30), Famous Crosses1923 (75), Famous Scots 1933 (80) and First Aid 1938 (55). £50-100


A stock book of Wills Scissors cigarette cards containing sets and or part sets of: Actresses, VC Heroes, Dancing Girls, Cinema Stars, British Defenders, Beauties, Country Dancers, Army Life and Actresses. £45-90


A Stock Book of Players Doncella Cards (Some Duplication). £10-£20


Cigarette card sets: Ogdens Derby Entrants 1928, Ogdens Greyhound Racing 1st series, Ogdens Greyhound Racing 2nd series, Ogdens Modes of Conveyance and Hill Caricatures of Famous Cricketers £50-100


Cigarette card sets: John Sinclair Champion Dogs 1st series, Pattreiouex Sporting Events & Stars, Players: Gilbert & Sullivan, Dogs, Cries of London, Past & Present, Wills Old Inns and Godfrey Phillips Aircraft. £55-100


Cigarette card sets: Wills New Zealand : Regimental Standards & Cap Badges, English Cricketers, Etchings, Motor Cars, Dogs, Motor Cars, Merchant Ships of the World, Railway Engines, New Zealand Footballers, Race Horses and Ships Badges £50-100


A stock book of cigarette card part sets: Godfrey Phillips B D V Silks Town & City Arms £30-60


A stock book of Cope Bros & Co Ltd cigarette cards containing sets and or part sets of: The Game of Poker, Worlds Police, Toy Models, Uniforms, VCs, War pictures and Wild Animals approx 222 in total (some duplication). £110-220


A stock book of Cope Bros & Co Ltd cigarette cards containing sets and or part sets of: Boxers 1-25 (10), Boxers 26-50 (19), Boxers 51-100 (40), Boxers 101-125 (31) and Boxing Lessons (13) (some duplication). £145-290


A collection of Cope Bros & Co Ltd cigarette card part sets: Actresses & Beauties, Boats of the World, British Admirals and Boy Scouts. (some duplication). £45-90


A collection of Cope Bros & Co Ltd cigarette card part sets: British Warriors, Castles, Cathedrals and Characters from Scott. (some duplication). £70-140